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NETIF Intro - Better Environment for Better Tourism

The desire to reinvigorate Nepal’s economy through tourism and sustain its lifeline – a pristine, vibrant natural environment – gave rise to Nepal Environment and Tourism Initiative Foundation (NETIF). NETIF is a non-profit, non political and non religious, national level organisation committed to environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and economically viable tourism development in Nepal.

Our members consist of tourism entrepreneurs from Kathmandu and Dhulikhel, professors from the Environment Faculty of Kathmandu University and social workers. One of NETIF’s objectives is to facilitate the transition of rural tourism sectors towards dynamic environmental considerations. Other main objectives are promoting sustainable tourism and environmental practices, providing a platform for the stakeholders of tourism industries and the local community.

Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park

Shivapuri Nagarjun National park (elevation range 1350m - 2732m) is an ideal place to get out in nature. Its close proximity to Kathmandu makes it even more so. The vegetation in the park is mostly dominated by pine, oak-rhododendron and hardwood trees, and boasts of an abundance of flora and fauna, including a profuse assortment of colorful birds and butterfly, and wild animals.

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NETIF’s Agro tourism product - 2014 onwards ….
“PRAKRITI” “Hybung Agro Resort”

So far NETIF has been working and promoting environment friendly and socially responsible tourism since 6 years. After years of exploration, finally our vision for working together closely with local community has become a reality. Around 50 ropanies of land has been leased in Hybung village (near Shivapuri Nararjun National Park, Sundarijal) and development of “Hybung Agro Resort” is underway as a pilot project. We believe that our Agro-resort is one of the approaches in harmonizing community based tourism. We have named it PRAKRITI”.

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New Project    
Payment for Environmental Services (PES) Action Research Project

Payment for Environmental Services (PES) is a mechanism that has been tried and tested in many countries around the world, but for Nepal it is a totally new concept. As a general definition it is a form of sustainable financing for conservation, or in other words, a voluntary or mandatory-by-law practice for farmers or landowners to be paid or offered incentives to help protect the natural resources of their land or other ecological services. The PES scheme basically involves charging the beneficiary groups ‘downstream’ for the services received, and paying to the community groups ‘upstream’ to finance the conservation management of the area.

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Trekking Trails Lead Nepal Women to Empowerment KATHMANDU

Trekking Trails Lead Nepal Women to Empowerment KATHMANDU, Jul 22, 2011 (IPS) - Dawa Gyalmo Sherpa’s three sons went to look for blue-collar jobs in Malaysia, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, saying Mulkharka, their tiny village in Kathmandu valley, had no livelihood prospects.

However, when all three came back empty-handed, with complaints of being poorly paid, their mother, who runs a small tea house, became the breadwinner of the family..

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Vishnu Travels and Tours
NETIF’s official partner, to help organise your treks…

Vishnu Travel & Tours is an official partner of NETIF offering services that include, organising visits - showcasing the different initiatives of the Nepal, Tourism, Outdoor & Environment Development Project (NTOEDP) along the Kathmandu Valley Cultural Trekking Trail - as well as taking care of your accommodation, guides, and any additional activities or services that you may require on any part of the trek route.

In addition, as a registered travel agency, Vishnu Travel & Tours are able to assist you in organising any other tour programmes or activities in any part of Nepal, from hotel bookings, transport, air ticketing, adventure activities (from rafting to paragliding), pilgrimage and cultural visits, mountain flights etc.
To help make your stay in Nepal a safe and enjoyable one.

Vishnu Travels and Tours, operates and follows responsible tourism practices and focuses on the socially responsible guidelines as directed by NETIF. A contribution of the profits from Vishnu Travels and Tours will go towards waste management initiatives, as well as promotional activities of the NTOED Project.

Vishnu Travel & Tours
Lazimpat, Kathmandu, Nepal
TEL: 4433151, 9851041448

Plan Your Trip

Kathmandu Valley Cultural Trekking Trail brief Itinerary

The Kathmandu Valley Cultural Trekking Trail is the perfect short trek for those who do not have the time to venture further into the Himalayas. Pack light and head into the forest hills surrounding the valley rim for this culturally rich trek.

Day 1 Sundarijal to Chisapani
Day 2 Chisapani to Nagarkot
Day 3 Nagarkot to Dhulikhel
Day 4 Dhulikhel to Balthali
Day 5 Balthali to Panauti
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KVCTT - Kathmandu Valley Cultural Trekking Trail

The Kathmandu Valley Cultural Trekking Trail is the perfect short trek for those who do not have the time to venture further into the Himalayas. Pack light and head into the forest hills surrounding the valley rim for this culturally rich trek.

The trail displays the best of Nepal’s rural culture, biodiversity and stunning Himalayan views that can be enjoyed with simple preparation and minimal equipment. The trail begins from Sundarijal, the entrance to Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park, a watershed only 30 minutes drive from the centre of Kathmandu. Along the way you will be treated to pristine wilderness and diverse ethnic groups living in the unspoiled rural areas, encompassing Nepal’s most popular hill stations: Chisapani, Nagarkot, and Dhulikhel, where various categories of lodges and hotels are available.

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NETIF E-Newsletter February 2011
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Celebration of World Tourism Day 2009:

On the auspicious occasion of World Tourism Day 2009, Nepal Environment Tourism Initiative Foundation (NETIF) is going to organize one-day Workshop on "Waste Management Issues in Tourism Destinations" scheduled on Monday, 21st of September 09, at Hotel Chautari, Nagarkot. The workshop is aiming to enhance public awareness among stakeholders and share experiences & ideas in sustainable tourism and waste management practices in Nepal.

25th September 08,

Thursday Clean-up Campaign at Sundarijal

27th September 08,

Saturday Clean-up Campaign at Dhulikhel

29th World Tourism Day 2008 “Tourism Responding To The Challenge Of Climate Change”

In association with Suomen latu

The Finnish Central Association for Recreational Sports and Outdoor Activities is a promoter of outdoor recreation, an expert in hiking, and an organization open to all, with a membership of more than 80,000 worldwide. Although Suomen Latu mainly works in Finland, since 1997 steps towards becoming an INGO have been taken. From 1997 to 2000 Suomen Latu carried out a development cooperation project in Kilimanjaro National Park, Tanzania, and has been working in Nepal since 2006.

Suomen Latu is NETIF’s international co-partner, a Finnish non-governmental organization which provides technical and financial support, and whose members regularly visit Nepal, and in particular, participate on the Kathmandu Valley Cultural Trekking Trail (KVCTT). The funding for NETIF comes via Suomen Latu, as official development aid from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.


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