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Network & Alliance Building
Experience and Implementation

Part of the aim of the NTDOEP which has now moved into its second phase, is the concept that it will be used as a ‘Model Project’ which can be implemented in other regions of Nepal that could benefit from local tourism development. NETIF keeps an extensive range of reports and documentation of the projects as well as constantly analysis its progress and effectiveness of the actions, activities and promotion

Creating a ‘Model Project’ is all about experience, finding the right way to go about things, networking and idea sharing with local community members affected by the project and also alliance building with local groups, government groups and other likeminded I/NGO’s, Associations and Tourism Stakeholders. we are focusing on is strengthening our alliance building and networking to move NETIF onto a larger National Scale with the right connection to learn and make positive actions on sustainable tourism and environment issues. Finding the right way and the most effective solution is all learned from our experiences. By learning like this, NETIF has the knowledge to best know how to implement its projects through the experience we have gain during the NTDOEP. The idea behind having a ‘Model Project’ is to make future transitions smoother for other organizations wishing to implement similar tourism and environment based projects in other regions of Nepal.

NETIF is in its growing and learning phase and we are continually improving our Model Project to make it better every time we learn something new.


NETIF is now proudly a member of the Sustainable Tourism Network (STN) for the purpose of national and international networking, idea sharing and project development. STN works in Nepal for the development of sustainable tourism practices


NETIF Networking Membership Form- Download Individual & Organization
Sustainable Tourism Network (STN) Nepal Tourism Board (NTB)
Ministry of Tourism (Infrastructure Development Project)  
Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation (DNPWC) Trekking Agencies' Association of Nepal (TAAN)
Non-Resident Nepali Association Nagarkot Naldum Tourism Development Committee
Chisapani Environment & Tourism Development Forum (CETDF) DETIF - Dhulikhel
SETDS - Sundarijal  

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