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Nepal Environment and Tourism Initiative Foundation (NETIF) is a non profit making NGO working in the field of Environment and Tourism. We work towards an economically winning combination of tourism and pristine environment with the idea that a beautiful environment will attract tourism which in turn will stimulate the local economy as well as safe guard the environment.

NETIF was founded in 2006 by a group of dedicated environmentalists and tourism entrepreneurs. We registered as an NGO in 2008 and established bases in Kathmandu and Dhulikhel; both economic and tourism centres in Nepal. The organisation works towards an economically winning combination of tourism and environment. Complementing each other for better and sustainable tourism enterprises, particularly aiming to achieve the well being of local communities by training and encouraging them to utilize the opportunities that environmental tourism offers and to sustain the surrounding environment that attracts tourists to the region. NETIF facilitates the transition of rural tourism sectors towards dynamic environmental considerations.


What is NETIF’s ultimate vision?

“Environmental Tourism for a Better Economy”

We want Nepal’s rural villages to be able to share in the economic growth that tourism has to offer in Nepal, and to understand the importance of conservation.

Our core vision is to encourage sustainable tourism development and to provide a better livelihood for rural villagers in Nepal. We combine this with our heartfelt concern for the surrounding wildlife and environment.

NETIF’s aim is to integrate environmental conservation and community development into a model program for tourism development that can be used as an example of environmentally sustainable rural tourism throughout Nepal. At NETIF, we strive to stand as an example and to achieve success in our projects that can be followed and adapted by other Government and Non-Governmental Organizations in Nepal.

How we work

NETIF primarily acts as a bridge between the local hospitality entrepreneurs and communities, using the environment as a catalyst for both groups to collaborate together to provide services for the visiting tourists and livelihoods for the local communities with the objective to create a ‘Better Environment for Better Tourism’.


How does NETIF plan to achieve this?

Nepal Tourism, Outdoor and Environment Development Project (NTOEDP) is the working arm of NETIF, with the view to enable stakeholders to create a destination without pollution and waste, where nature and wildlife areas are protected, where friendships prevail among tourists, local communities and entrepreneurs, and a destination where tourists will have a memorable holiday, entrepreneurs will have enough business and security, and local people will have enough food, shelter and dignity. The project is developing the Kathmandu Valley Cultural Trekking Trail (KVCTT), which starts from Sundarijal via Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park, passing through Mulkharka, Chisapani, Nagarkot, Dhulikhel, Namobuddha, Balthali, and ending in Panauti.

Read more about NTOEDP…

NETIF Objectives

To promote community based sustainable tourism and good environmental practices.
To support the local communities and tourism entrepreneurs with training and awareness programmes to increase local livelihoods and enhance the local environment and cultural heritage.
To enhance the local To conduct various types of income generating and self-employment oriented programs in the field of tourism and environment.
To campaign against environmental degradation.
To investigate alternative methods to minimize the negative impact of tourism on the environment and society.
To work and link with local, national and international organizations and stakeholders, experts, and government offices working in the sectors of Environment and Tourism.

NETIF Projects link

Board members

- Mr Arun Shrestha, President: MD – Tourism Entrepreneur
- Mr Keshav Kunwar, Vice-President: MD - Silt Consultancy
- Mr Subash Kaji Shrestha, Secretary: MD - Lekali Trading
- Mrs Sunita Vaidhya, Treasurer: MD - Women Entrepreneurs Development Foundation (WEDF)
- Dr Sanjay Khanal, Board Member: Professor - Kathmandu University, Environmental Science Faculty
- Mr Sun Prasad Shrestha, Board Member: MD - Dhulikhel Lodge Resort
- Mr Ashok Maharja, Board Member: NGO Activist
- Mrs Sabita Aryal Khanna, Board Member: Lecturer - Kathmandu University, Environmental Science Faculty
- Mrs Stela Tamang, Board Member: Education Sector

Key staff

- Mr Arun Shrestha, Project Manager
- Mr Prabin Paudel, Project Coordinator
- Mr Ashok Maharjan, Field Coordinator
- Ms Sanju Shrestha, Accounts / Administrator
- Mr Ram Hari Bhandari, Office Assistant
- Mr Nayaran Shrestha, Project Officer Sundarijal and Mulkharka
- Mr Bijaya K.C, Project Officer Chisapani
- Mr Dhana Lama, Project Officer Nagarkot

International Partner  SUOMEN LATU

Suomen Latu - The Finnish Central Association for Recreational Sports and Outdoor Activities – is a promoter of outdoor activities, an expert in hiking and an organization open to all. Suomen Latu has more than 75,000 members - children, teenagers, families, adults and seniors – who are active in the more than 200 member associations.

The main objective of Suomen Latu has always been to increase Finnish people’s interest in exercise as well as developing possibilities for outdoor conditioning and recreational exercise. Nowadays, guarding everyman’s right to freedom and the outdoors has become more and more important.

Other subject matters that are addressed include - promoting outdoor and health beneficial exercise, making outdoor activities and exercise more accessible in municipalities, the quantity and quality of hiking routes and walkways, providing opportunities for children and teenagers for healthy recreational activities, involving families in community based exercise and increasing well being in society.

In their vision, Suomen Latu and its member associations are known as established experts in outdoor activities and hiking, and as an open-to-all citizens’ organization advocating the cause of all outdoor enthusiasts. In 2015 the Finnish people will use more time on outdoor activities which is more versatile than today. In the future, according to Eki Karlsson, the Director of Suomen Latu, the organization will concentrate even more on children, teenagers and families – not forgetting the seniors. Also engaging young adults in the organizations operations and activities is vital. “We will continue promoting regular, year-round exercise and outdoor activities for people of all ages”, Eki Karlsson says.

Although Suomen Latu mainly works in Finland, since 1997 steps towards becoming an INGO has been taken. During 1997-2001 Suomen Latu carried out a development cooperation project in Kilimanjaro National Park, Tanzania. During the project the Tanzania and Kilimanjaro National Parks and Suomen Latu constructed a trekking trail with facilities to the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro. The trekking route still remains very popular among the tourists from all over the world.

Since 2006 Suomen Latu has worked with the Nepalese NGO, NETIF, to start an outdoor activities related development cooperation program in the Kathmandu Valley. The project proposal was submitted to the Finnish inistry for the Foreign Affairs in May 2007. The Ministry funded Suomen Latu for the year 2008, which helped in funding the study for the program

Nepal Environment and Tourism Initiative Foundation is a non-governmental organization founded in 2006 by a group of dedicated environmentalists and tourism entrepreneurs, registered in 2008 with bases in Kathmandu and Dhulikhel, Nepal. The NGO works for an economically winning combination of tourism and pristine environment, complementing each other towards better and sustainable tourism enterprises, particularly the well being of local communities through opportunities that tourism offers and the natural environment attracts. NETIF facilitates the transition of rural tourism sectors towards dynamic environmental considerations.


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