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At the beginning of 2012, NETIF has come up with a new plan to launch our Environment and Outdoor club to prospective members. The aim of the club is to build a network of likeminded nature lovers and arrange monthly outings to promote local tourism, highlight the importance of preserving the environment and help people who live in Kathmandu get out and discover the beauty that abounds in the Valley.


The objective of forming a NETIF CLUB would be to promote NETIF amongst the local community in Kathmandu and showcase NETIF’s projects and works in
promoting sustainable tourism.

Build a network of outdoor and environment enthusiasts
Destination Promotion and benefiting local communities
Showcasing Kathmandu’s rural culture and encouraging open interaction by sharing activities like rice planting, village clean ups and crop harvesting.
To provide a place where people with common interests can meet and enjoy visiting places together. Also to introduce new expats and help them meet people and explore the Kathmandu Valley
To promote NETIF and our project


A membership card which entitles discounts at hotels, restaurants along the KVCTT.
Discounts at different restaurants in Town
Monthly newsletter and updates in regards to NETIF’s activities and environmental and tourist issues arousing in Kathmandu
Invitations to participate in NETIF’s promotional events
Once a month NETIF will organize outdoor day trips for our members. Trips will include discovering new hiking routes, national park visits, site and project visits and the chance for members to discover Kathmandu Valleys cultural, natural environment and recreational potential.

Growing with NETIF – NETIF Eco Club

NETIF is working to create our ECO TOURISM SOCIETY. Currently we are looking for expressions of interest from individuals who would like to be a part of NETIF through this Club. NETIF’s main objective behind the creation of our “ECO TOURISM SOCIETY” is to help build NETIF’s size and influence within Nepal giving us a louder voice when it comes to matters related to sustainable tourism and the Environment. We desire to create a forum where we can use our position to make important changes related to current environment matters within the Kathmandu Valley and eventually throughout all of Nepal. To do this the first step is increasing our size and our body of members, and that means working with people just like YOU! So share our passion for the environment and contact NETIF today about becoming a member!

NETIF Networking Membership Form- Download Individual & Organization



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