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Responsible Tourism Workshop Report of Chisopani

Name of the Workhop: Promotion of Responsible Tourism for Sustainable Tourism Development in Kathmandu Valley Cultural Trekking Trail
Date: 28th April 2012
Venue: Chisopani
Speakers: Mr. Prachanda Man Shrestha, Mr. Dipak Mahat, Dr. Ananda, Mr. Arun Shrestha and Mr. Bijay KC
By: Prabin Paudel

NETIF strongly believes that Responsible Tourism(RT) is a key factor for the promotion of sustainable tourism development of Nepal. For the promotion of RT at Kathmandu Valley Cultural Trekking Trail (KVCTT), a one day interactive Workshop on “Promotion of Responsible Tourism for Sustainable Tourism Development in Kathmandu Valley Cultural Trekking Trail ” was organized at Chisopanion on 28th April 2012, where various tourism professionals, representatives from Shivapuri Nagarjun Natioanl Park, local hotels, women groups, teachers, farmers were present and discussed about the importance of RT on local perspectives . One of the major objectives of workshop was to aware of the impacts of tourism on the natural, social and economic of an area and to ensure equitable livelihoods for the society. At the same time, the workshop also emphasized about how RT will take responsibility for making tourism more sustainable for everyone.

On the occasion, tourism expert Mr. Prachanda Man Shrestha discussed about overall tourism scenario and benefits of the tourism by maintaining its bio-diversity and gaining opportunities by developing various types of activities at Chisopani area like- horse riding, village walk, home stay, jungle walk, bird watching etc. Mr Shrestha also emphasized on quality tourism by adapting different marketing strategies for the promotion of eco-tourism of an area.

Similarly, Mr. Dipak Mahat, the past President of TAAN stressed about methods of practicing RT at Chisopani by adapting public private partnership models by enhancing environment conservation, waste management, maintaining good relationship with Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park and providing equal opportunities to local village. He further added that Chisopani as a destination should link with other major popular trails like Helembhu and Langtang region and make combine efforts of developing other activities like mountain bike circuit, yoga center, home stay, rainbow trout farming etc. for the sustainability of the destination.

Dr. Anata Yogi from discussed about the importance of Yoga to become healthy and creative. Dr. Anata also requested for the support to establish Yoga Center at Chisopani. As it could be one of the attractive product of an area.

The President of NETIF, Mr. Arun Shrestha made presentation about linking NETIF activities with RT. At the same time Mr Shrestha focused about challenges, importance, opportunities and future program of NETIF with practices of RT in the project activities. Mr. Shrestha further added about the sharing the equal benefit from the tourism by harmonizing different local stakeholders for the economic and employment opportunities, especially for the young people, women groups, poor and backward communities by encouraging them into different activities like organic farming, cultural dance, guiding and other.

The program was concluded by President of Chisopani Environment & Tourism Development Forum (CETDF), Mr. Bijay K.C. Mr K.C imphasised about adopting RT in the area, with the coordination of different stakeholders. He further requested all hoteliers to place the environment fund box at the proper place and sale the panoramic pictures for the support of environment conservation of the area.

During the workshop, “Chisopani Brochure” was inaugurated and distributed to the stakeholders. The ultimate aim of the workshop was to create an atmosphere where all the stakeholders can work in a consolidate form to adopt RT as one of the tools for the sustainable tourism development of an area. The workshop was a regular activity of Nepal Environment and Tourism Initiative Foundation (NETIF), which has been developing cultural trekking routes around the Kathmandu valley with the support of Suomen Latu –Finnish INGO. The trail displays the best of Nepal’s rural culture, biodiversity and stunning Himalayan views. This year (2012), NETIF has extended its trekking trail around Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park. The trekking trail is all the way from Budhanilkanta (Pani Muhan), Nagi Gomba, Bagdwar, Shivapuri Peak, Chisopani and then to Shundarijal. This trail has potentialities of getting reorganization as an eco-trail. The eco-trail can be developed both for hikers and trekkers. So far NETIF has established tourist rest shelters, community houses, waste collectors, incinerators, trekking trail promotion activities such as route marking signage etc. NETIF works through local partners called Tourism Development Committees along the trekking trail (KVCTT) and has already implemented village clean up campaigns, trainings on waste management, hotel management, food and hygiene, eco-guiding, handicrafts production, organic farming and other various capacity building trainings in the communities. NETIF is planning to organize RT workshop in all its destinations of KVCTT to prepare guidelines and to share knowledge of operating social responsible business in coming days.


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