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On the occasion of World Water Day 2013, Nepal Environment & Tourism Initiative Foundation (NETIF) with the joint support of Global Peace Association Nepal (GPA) and Sundarijal Environment & Tourism Development Society (SETDS) organized a hiking event “Pristine Origins of the Bagmati River”. The hiking program took place on16th March 2013, Saturday in Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park. This event was one of the programs in series of other programs organized to celebrate Nepal Water Week- 2013.

To celebrate the occasion of International World Water day with rest of the world, GPA NEPAL coordinated with River of Peace Campaign (ROPC) to bring various other organizations to organize Nepal Water Week-2013.Various organizations such as NETIF ,CIUD, Smart Pani, One Planet Solutions ,HIMCCA, Batabaran Samrakchyan Gair Sarkari Sanstha Maha Sangh Nepal, Nepal River Conservation Trust, Rastriya yuva Maha Sangh Nepal ,Solid Waste Management Association Nepal and Kamal Pokhari Sports Club joined hands to make this event a success.

On the day of the hiking, all the hikers gathered at around 8 am outside the Nepal Tourism Board, Kathmandu and headed for the drive to Sundarijal by bus. In Sundarijal all the participants were warmly welcomed by SETDS. After a short briefing by Mr Arun Shrestha, NETIF’s President to explain the purpose of hiking event the journey started.The main objectives of this event was to bring Kathmandu inhabitants in touch with the source of their drinking water and to inform and aware about the urgent need for action on conserving water catchments areas as well as to connect local communities with tourism benefits for environment conservation. The event also included a cleanup program along the trail. All the participants were provided with gloves and sacks to pick up the rubbish which were littering around the trail.

The hike then started at around 9 am and we entered into Shivapuri – Nagarjun National Park via the entrance gate and army check post. Along the trail, the hikers were able to take a rest in the tourist shelters built by NETIF. All the participants had a chance to see the information centre recently established by NETIF.


The event celebrated the arrival of spring and all the participants were able to see the annual blooming of the beautiful Rhododendron, the national flower of Nepal along the hiking route. It was a wonderful experience walking along the Bagmati streams and Rhododendron forest and see the pristine origin of Bagmati River clean. All the participants helped in keeping the trail clean and also joined hands to pick up the solid wastes such as plastics which were littering in the trail.

We then hiked to Okhreni where we could see beautiful terraced fields and biodiversity. We also observed the tamang culture of the village with wonderful scenic view. Some of us also got a chance to see small snake on the way but not to be scared of as the local guide said that it was not poisonous. Hiking for an hour we then reached Chilaune village where we had our appetizing refreshment. We got a chance to eat local popcorn, gundruk and bhatmas and. After having the refreshment and resting for awhile we headed towards Mulkharka village.


Walking for hour we then reached Mulkharka village. Entering the village we first went to see one of the resident’s organic mushroom farm which is also one of the initiatives of NETIF and on the way we also entered the Mulkharka souvier and tea shop where all the participants took a rest for a while and tried organic tea which was really refreshing. After 5 minutes walk from the souvier shop the delicious feast of traditional food was laid out for hungry hikers in the hotel of Mr Narayan Shrestha, one of the members of SETDS.

After the feast we then hiked back to Sundarijal via new trail and reached the Sundarijal village resort where they provided the complimentary tea to all the participants and then we met our bus for the jouney back to Kathmandu.

The hiking program was considered of great success and has been helpful in increasing more awareness to conserve water source and promote environment friendly recreational activities within the park.Also visiting the pristine origin of the Bagmati river was of great experience.


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