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Cultural Dance Training Program

Traditional cultural dances form the backbone of the old society and culture of rural Nepal. In lots of places and ethnic groups, these forms of traditional dances are being forgotten as the older generation passes on and the younger generation moves into a more modern culture filled with shopping malls, iphones, computer games and high speed internet. The art of traditional dances is a skill that we should try and hang on to preserve our heritage and also to be used as an attraction for tourism.

NETIF in conjunction with Dhulikhel Mountain Resort has given training in traditional cultural dance to various villagers in the Kawa area of Dhulikhel. The aim of the cultural dance training program is to provide villagers, especially village youth basic training in traditional Nepalese folk dances. By learning the dances, youths can gain a better understanding of their own culture and also develop a skill that can help them earn money. A village that can put on a cultural dance show for visitors has an added source of income and this is a vital part of helping impoverished village economies. The program was initially established by Dhulikhel Mountain Resort and has since been taken over by NETIF.

NETIF are strong supporters of cultural and heritage conservation and by carrying on this cultural dance training program, NETIF hope to help support local villagers, youths and also keep the traditions of ethnic dance alive in Nepal.

The focus of the project was to take village youths and with the help of a choreographer from Kathmandu, teach them various dances from the many different ethnic groups of Nepal and help the villagers to set up their own small business – ‘The Gauri Shankar Cultural Dance Group’ who can go on an perform at hotels, resorts, restaurants and functions around the Kathmandu Valley. ‘The Gauri Shankar Cultural Dance Group’ is now it’s very own registered business in Nepal.

Throughout the process, NETIF has helped with the training and dancing component, supply and purchase of instruments and costumes, promotion of the dance group and the development of a promotional web site for the ‘The Gauri Shankar Cultural Dance Group’.

By undertaking this project we have taken poor and underprivileged villagers and helped them to build a future for themselves, we hope that they will pass on their experience to future generations and continue on the tradition that we have began, insuring a stable financial future that will benefit the entire community.


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