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World Environment Day 2010 – Clean Ups, Tree Planting, Blood Donations & ‘The Takari Jhola’

On the occasion of world Environment Day 2010, NETIF (Nepal Environment & Tourism Initiative Foundation), in conjunction with Dhulikhel Rotary Club, Dhulikhel Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the Dhulikhel Chefs Association, organized a special event focused on the environment in and around Dhulikhel. The focal point for the event was to mark the occasion of World Tourism Day and the main message of the event was to spread awareness amongst the local people of Dhulikhel about the importance protecting our precious natural environment and keeping the surrounding area clean in order to promote better environment and a green economy.

The aim of the event was to recognize and respect our treasured environment which is essential to the future growth of the tourism industry and our own health and wellbeing. The importance of preserving, respecting and enhancing the natural environment in our region was the highlight of the event.

The event took place around Dhulikhel and commenced with a regional cleanup campaign. Willing students, community members and NETIF staff took place in the cleanup program which removed waste and rubbish from the streets of the beautiful township. Throughout the clean up, the message was spread about the importance of waste management, correct disposal of rubbish and keeping our natural environment clean and green. NETIF not only arrange the clean up in Dhulikhel, but also throughout the NTOEDP (Nepal Tourism, Outdoor & Environment Development Project) area which encompasses NETIF’S project the “Kathmandu Valley Cultural Trekking Trail”. Clean up campaigns where undertaken in Mulkharaka, Nagarkot and Chisapani with the cooperation of village committee members and local villagers.

After the clean up, there was a parade through the streets of Dhulikhel spreading the message of World Tourism Day and the main theme – “Biodiversity, Ecosystem Management and the Green Economy”. The parade and following programs where attended by NETIF board members and staffs, Hoteliers, Rotary Club of Dhulikhel, Dhulikhel Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Local Schools and college students, The Chef’s Association of Nepal, Local Clubs and social groups, police members and the local community.

During the day participants took part in a tree planting program around the streets of Dhulikhel. Over 200 shrubs, trees, flowering bushes and ornamental plants where planted around the town. Eager school children and community members got their hands dirty spreading the message about the importance of trees and making Dhulikhel ‘a plastic free zone ‘and more beautiful place for the future. To carry on the theme of a Clean and Green Environment, and to take the first tentative steps into making Dhulikhel a plastic free zone, NETIF distributed canvas shopping bags to local people. The “Tarkari Jhola” will be used by people when visiting the local markets and help reduce the amount of plastic waste.

During the day there was also a display of organic vegetables which where both for exhibition and sale purposes in order to promote and support the growing organic vegetable industry in the local area. These facts are commonly known and organic farming is not a new concept, what is lacking is the commitment to make the change towards better environment practices. What NETIF is aiming to achieve is to promote the benefits of organic farming to the farmer, to the local community and to the hotel sector. Of course a farmer will not embark on the changes needed to undertake organic farming if he is not supported and receives no profit from doing so. First and foremost, the man of the land must be able to make a sustainable living from his work. This is where the local community, and more so the Hotel and tourism sectors can come in.

The last program on the agenda was a Blood Donation. Throughout the day participants and local community where encouraged to donate blood and help support local hospitals by boosting critical blood supply levels.

The day was considered a great success in Dhulikhel as well as other clean up areas of Mulkharka, Chisapani and Nagarkot. The message and importance of World Environment Day was well and truly spread throughout the region.


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